Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Big Dog"

7" x 12", Oil on Mounted Linen

So much has been going on: the holidays, 9 (yes, NINE) days without electricity in an icestorm, art shows, etc...but I am still managing to get some painting done! I have been working on 2 series: landscapes with a mist/fog theme and figures in the landscape.

This week our plein air painting group met indoors - can't say I was too upset considering it was about 5 degrees outside! I used the time to paint this guy; it was good to take a break from the larger more serious pieces to paint something fun. Hope you like him!


Anonymous said...

Hi mama,

I love the doggy you painted. I think it's really cute!!!!

I love you! xoxoxox

Jeff said...

This is fantastic! I love the shape and angle it was painted from. Great job. Nice to see you painting again.

Robin said...

Thank you, baby! I love you, too!!