Saturday, November 10, 2007


6" x 6", Oil on Masonite

You already know that I LOVE pears. But I also LOVE pineapples - their history, actually. They are original to the Western Hemisphere, and it took over 2 centuries to develop a hothouse method to grow the plant, and therefore was not plentiful in Europe. Due to its rarity, it was the treat of kings during the 1600's, and was considered a symbol of stature. Traditionally, though, the pineapple is America's symbol of commitment to hospitality, family and friends. Here's to you!!

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Anonymous said...

A "welcomed" addition to your blog. Great work. I hope you got to enjoy some while you painted it!?!? I love it-great job!

Shaun said...

I love the artwork and the history lesson!

Keep up the great work!