Wednesday, November 7, 2007


8" x 6", Oil on Mounted Linen

I'm back! And by popular demand, (drumroll, please!) another pear! This one is for you, Uncle Carlos!!

I just want to take a moment to explain to everyone my motives behind this blog and my auctions on ebay. Kevin MacPherson talks in his book 'Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light and Color' about '100 starts'. Its a way of training yourself to be disciplined to paint EVERYDAY. I tried to do that, but with no one watching it seems I always needed to do something else: laundry, errands, etc. So when I came across other artists' blogs, doing a small painting everyday, I figured it was just the push I needed. I love to paint, and just knowing that someone somewhere is waiting for their daily painting by email or a new ebay auction gives me the motivation I need to get it done. So, that being said, besides working on larger paintings for shows, I try to do a small painting each weekday in less than an hour. It is great practice, I am slowly broadening my horizons, I am trying out new products and techniques and I can even watch my own progress. What more could I ask for??


Anonymous said...

Very well said. This painting is proof of why we come back every day. Your work is spectacular and you bring us as much joy as you feel painting beautiful works such as this. The color and contrast make this pear possibly your best yet.

Shaun said...

I love the "100 Starts" story! It applies to everything in life. Commit to people that you will do something and you will usually find the motivation to pull through (and that usually applies to things that you do not want to do). If you already have the passion and love...THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!

Keep up the great work - we do look forward to it!