Thursday, January 3, 2008


4" x 4" (9" x 9" framed - included), Pastel
This 'sweet' little piece was done in pastel, which I plan on using more of this year. I love how the colors can be layered to achieve different effects. One of the many things on my 'to do' list this year is to compile some fast facts about the archival qualities of pastel to post or hand out at my shows. Many people are intimidated by pastel not knowing that they will last just as long as oil paintings, and will not fade, yellow or crack.


Anonymous said...

WOW, I'm speechless. Every so often your work does that. This is probably one of your best ever. Absolutely one of your best ever. To be that accurate with pastel in such a small space.

The color in amazing, the shadows; perfect! The perspective...I feel like I could actually grab the cherry off the picture. You even manage to make your signature look great!

Oh, it's looks fantastic in the frame too. Words can't even begin to say how good this is. You should be very proud.

Anonymous said...

The comment above says it all!!! You're now the master at pastels too!!! Love this piece!!!

Shaun said...

Couldn't agree more with 'anonymous'. This is truly amazing. I wish I would have bid on this one :(

Keep up the great work!